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The metric 'ONLINE PR SCORE' is done through the cooperation of Wisesight and Faculty of Communication Arts, Chulalongkorn University, a source of knowledge for mass communication in Thailand. It incorporates Barcelona Principles 3.0, an industry-wide framework for PR professionals, to help assess online public relations effort most effectively, consisting of 3 factors which are as follows.

1. Publisher Score - Calculate from the efficiency of the news agency publishing the news.

2. Content Score - Calculate from the quality of the news content including the key message of public relation news.

3. Audience Score - Calculate from the audience’s feedback.

Online PR Score is the evaluation method covering various perspective by referring from Barcelona Principle 3.0

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Some news or links might not display the result in real-time. We suggest you wait around 24 hours after the news was published to evaluate again. Some news agencies are not in Wisesight’s list resulting in displaying no score or wrong result. You can inform us to edit or add the list at The score in some perspective will display in range format because it depends on keyword identification and sentiment calculation. If you want the accurate result, please contact